Press Release: Welcome to Our New Brand!

Press Release: Vista Reveals Its New Brand

As Vista Security & Investigations approaches 30 years in business, the security systems and services company decided it was time to update and modernize its brand to represent who Vista has become while maintaining its customer-centric values.

Over the last few months, Vista has been working on maturing its brand and is proud to announce its launch this September. This brand launch includes a full series of new and updated assets such as a new logo, updated digital and social media profiles and a new website. The website will provide up-to-date information for current and potential customers on Vista’s systems and services while enabling them to contact a Vista representative instantly.

The new Vista logo remains true to its roots as it’s inspired by the original Vista eagle. It will be used on all upcoming communications while being integrated into future company assets over the coming months. As Bertrand P. Labelle, Vista President, and CEO, explains, “We believed it was important that as we evolved and modernized our business, we respected our long-standing heritage. We have built trust with our customers and community on the basis of our values and quality standards. We intend to remain true to what has made Vista unique, as we continue forward with our evolution.”

Bertrand Labelle

President & CEO

“Welcome to our new brand.”


vista pro tip

Make sure you have anti-virus software installed on your computer and that it is automatically updating. However, keep in mind that no anti-virus can catch all malware; your computer can still be infected. That is why it’s so important you use common sense and be wary of any messages that seem odd or suspicious.