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Healthcare Security Services

Safety where it matters most.

Healthcare facilities are some of the most dynamic when it comes to ensuring safety and security. Any number of situations can arise that can compromise the security of a healthcare site and only a detailed and all-encompassing security strategy with an experienced security partner can ensure all security situations are effectively handled and diffused. 

As a leading security solutions provider in Ontario with over 25 years of experience, clients trust Vista Security & Investigations’ unmatched expertise and professionalism to safeguard not only their facilities but also the employees and members of the public who access healthcare through their sites.

It is our job to provide healthcare clients with the support they need to keep their facilities safe, ensuring services and staff are not impacted in the case of a security situation, and we take that job very seriously. For example, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Vista assisted multiple long-term care homes with keeping its staff, visitors and patients safe, and our guards continue to perform screening duties and access control at these facilities.

Key Advantages

  • Our guards are available to complete individual patient watch and monitoring, patrolling, access control duties, as well as employee/patient escort services.

  • All guards have been trained on use of force, mental health and first aid, and de-escalation techniques in the event of an emergency.

A Security Partner You Can Trust

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