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Quick Service Restaurant Security

Integrated security and business analytics solutions.

When it comes to managing the safety of a Quick Service Restaurant, it’s more than just about protecting patrons and employees. That’s why we at Vista Security & Investigations provide restaurants with the helpful tools to not only secure their site but also provide key business analytics.

Using data gathering and AI technology, Vista offers provides services such as heat mapping, which highlights where people are gathering and at what times. This helps businesses to analyze both their space and their business. In addition, Vista Security & Investigations offers full video systems with built-in analytics to provide businesses with data and notifications regarding their dwell times. Dwell times provide insights into cash checkout, drive-through and other areas in which customers are waiting to be serviced.

Not to be overlooked, security and safety services are also integrated into the security system, using basic alarm functions, panic pendants, wristbands or buttons. In the event of an emergency, an employee can activate a silent alarm with the push of a button to send a signal indicating the need for help.

Key Advantages

  • Customer order confirmations can be collected and compared over the CCTV system.
  • POS integration can be incorporated into business systems. This technology uses CCTV technology to track refunds and voids, noting when and where they occurred and by whom the service was performed.
  • Vista security guards are available to do parking coverage, access control, screening, events security, and crowd control.

A Security Partner You Can Trust

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