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Security Guard Services Ontario

At the heart of everything we do are our talented people; specifically, our security guards. Just like our clients, we carry high expectations for our security guard team, and as an integral part of providing top-quality security services, our trained guards are held to the highest standards. We use a thorough and detailed hiring process to recruit, interview, and onboard all security guard personnel.

Exceptional Training for Exceptional Protection

With extensive on and offline training, our licensed professionals are the best in the business. Vista Security & Investigations heavily invests in training to ensure our guards are well-equipped and capable of handling any situation. We never take the view that training and education are a one-and-done event; rather, we offer continuous training, education, certification and re-certification for all our security guards.

Examples of the training and certifications our guards receive include:

  • First aid
  • Fire safety
  • Equipment usage
  • Customer service
  • Use of force 

When our guards aren’t in training they’re working on unique and complex security details, offering 24/7, coverage. Our security solutions are flexible and always based on a comprehensive analysis of your requirements. Based on the analysis of your needs and vulnerabilities, we may integrate static, mobile, and technological security elements into our client-customized solutions to make sure our client’s individualized security plan is effective. Your plan will include recommendations on security equipment and security personnel and, in some cases, even information security programs and training.

Not sure where to start? Our account managers will help you define your needs. We understand that many organizations may need help defining their security requirements. Our account managers are industry experts who are there to assist you. They can take you through a range of options drawn from proven approaches and best practices.

Contact us to speak to one of our trained professionals and learn more about our services.

A Security Partner You Can Trust

Need more info? Reach out to us for a complimentary quote! We’d be happy to evaluate your unique situation and recommend solutions that best suit your needs and budget.