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Security Concierge Services

Our concierge staff are highly trained professionals who understand the importance of customer service. We believe in combining security, confidentiality and professionalism when it comes to a great concierge. Our staff ensures your building, residents and visitors are safe, secure, and highly satisfied with the professional and friendly services that we offer.

Security With a Smile

Our professional concierge staff provides a welcoming and safe atmosphere for your building. We bring together top security protection, integrated security solutions and excellent customer service in order to create a safe environment for you, your visitors, residents, and customers. Vista Security concierge staff are familiar with multiple visitor management systems and can adapt our services and technology to your current systems or needs.

Our Concierge Security team provides a friendly, reassuring presence and will:

  • Patrol and keep watch over your business or residential complex
  • Manage access control
  • Facilitate parking control
  • Maintain fire and other emergency and safety procedures
  • Utilize visitor management systems

As your full-service concierge team, Vista’s staff are also equipped to manage the movements of people and items to ensure the day-to-day needs of your building and its occupants run smoothly and are carried out in a way that is safe, convenient and organized.

These services include:


  • Managing reception
  • Registering visitors
  • Accepting deliveries
  • Responding to the needs of visitors, employees, residents, etc. while providing detailed reports to management
  • Providing information
  • Setting up reservations
  • Accepting and managing mail deliveries

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A Security Partner You Can Trust

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