Alarm Security Systems

The backbone of most (if not all!) successful security system strategies is a monitored intrusion alarm system. These alarm systems are there to provide protection around the clock, whether personnel are there or not, and by tieing them into your video monitoring system, they provide reliable and interactive protection, allowing you to be in touch at all times. 

24/7 Protection

As a full-service security partner, Vista Security & Investigations’ professional team of alarm technicians will install and test your system according to your preferences. We will then train you on how to use your alarm system to ensure you are comfortable with the system and understand how to use it most effectively. Rest assure, our technicians install each system to the highest standard and only use ULC-certified alarm equipment and monitoring stations, so you know you are getting the best tech in the business and the most qualified monitoring agents.

In addition to the ability to be integrated with intrusion systems for facility alarm systems arming and disarming, our security alarms can also be tied to your fire, heat, smoke, sprinkler systems and water level detection systems**; specifically, Vista Security uses a ULC-certified alarm monitoring centre to receive all fire panel alarm signals with regard to fire alarms, sprinkler systems and valve troubles. These signals are then dispatched out by the monitoring centre operators to dispatch fire services along with the provided client call lists. As the monitoring system is associated with life and safety, once a fire alarm call has been dispatched, fire services teams are notified immediately to attend the scene. 

**Please note: Vista Security installs controllers to monitor fire, heat, smoke, sprinkler systems and water detection systems and does not install the fire, heat, smoke and water detection systems themselves.**


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