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Maintaining a secure and safe property takes a combination of skilled professionals and innovative technology, and that is where Vista & Investigations excels. Servicing both retail and residential properties, we assist our property management clients with securing their sites using integrated security systems and CCTV monitoring along with security guard personnel to provide a physical presence.

Whether it’s performing fire watch, concierge, access control or parking enforcement, Vista security guards are available to carry out a number of site security duties while using the most up-to-date security and monitoring technology systems. All integrated technology is set up by knowledgeable and experienced technicians who teach clients how to use and maintain their systems. We also offer a seasonal maintenance program to all clients to provide full servicing and care. This will verify the performance of the technology and ensure continued and consistent operation.

While servicing residential or retail sites, our guards are available to respond to the needs of residents, pedestrians and employees alike, including accepting deliveries, logging in visitors and providing access control while performing concierge duties. Checkpoints with instant online reports are placed around the facility to ensure all vulnerable areas have been secured to ensure management feels safe in knowing their facility is being consistently patrolled and monitored. Information and events can be sent to Vista’s on-site security team or a remote response team to ensure the safety and security of a client’s facility. Vista guards will then provide management with full reports of any incidents, concerns or questions that have been raised. All reports are available to management instantly via our client portal.

Key Advantages

  • Vista provides CCTV IP technology and equipment to monitor and survey properties.
  • Vista security guards are Brampton Bylaw, Mississauga Bylaw, and MLEO (Toronto) Certified and able to provide parking enforcement services including car ticketing.
  • Systems can be integrated or set up as stand-alone systems.
  • Intrusion alarms for multi-tenant spaces of full facilities are available to be integrated into a client’s facilities and spaces.
  • Vista’s security systems will provide monitoring and a property overview of entrances, storefronts, building and facility access points and allow for access control for all gated entries.
  • Vista Security is a member of ACMO and an annual presenter at the Springfest PPM show. We are constantly updating our offerings with the most innovative technology for our clients.
  • Available to set up valet services.

A Security Partner You Can Trust

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