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Gatehouse Security Services

There’s no more important part of security and protection services than managing perimeters and key entry and exit points to your facility or property. Ensuring all activity that passes through these points is validated, tracked and recorded helps to protect what is most important to you, which is why we are proud to offer top-quality gatehouse security services.  

Secured Entry and Exit

Vista’s gatehouse security team is available to enforce all your security protocols 24/7. All of our guards are trained on the systems used on-site to ensure all operations run smoothly and efficiently, including yard management systems and visitor management systems.

Foot patrols, mobile patrols and information validation can be conducted to ensure the security of the site, including but not limited to:


  • Performing access control duties for all incoming and outgoing trucks
  • Performing truck verification of seals, temperatures, bill of ladings (BOL), fuel levels, using/verifying carrier and trailer documentation
  • Visual inspections and detailed inspections of trucks as well as checking the fuel levels of trucks and trailers
  • Inspecting the fence line and perimeter for any breaches and trespassing
  • Bonded area, customs pre-clearance and airport logistics

At Vista Security & Investigations, we are serious about our work and take pride in knowing we are a vital part of protecting what matters most to you and adapting to evolving security needs and situations. For example, throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, our guards became an essential asset to numerous warehouse facilities’ daily operations, assisting with conducting screening questions, administering PPE, completing temperature checks, and ensuring physical distancing took place. We continue to provide the necessary services as needed to preserve the health and safety of our clients, their staff and their properties.


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A Security Partner You Can Trust

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