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Loss Prevention Services

Company shrinkage is a common and costly issue among businesses. Don’t get caught without a security plan to fight asset loss; instead, trust the team at Vista Security & Investigations to ensure your assets remain protected with our loss prevention service.

Prevent Loss. Protect Your Business.

Vista Security’s trained uniformed and non-uniformed guards are ready to assist with loss prevention through a variety of techniques. Whether they are located at the entrance of the facility or patrolling the site, our security guards act as an effective onsite presence to deter company shrinkage. 

Loss prevention services we offer include:

  • Facilitating bag checks
  • Conflict management and de-escalation
  • Protecting products and inventory through performing escort duties in warehouse and logistics facilities

Our trained professional guards monitor all vulnerable areas and leverage the use of integrated security systems. Should any theft or incidents take place, Vista guards provide all clients with a detailed report of the occurrence for their records. All reports are available digitally and instantly through our client portals.


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