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Events & Ad Hoc Security Services

Safeguarding those important moments.

Events are hard enough to plan without having to worry about any unforeseen hiccups that could throw your important moment off the rails. Ensure everything runs according to plan by letting the experienced security experts at Vista handle the safety of your event for you and your guests.

Whatever your needs, our licensed security guards and staff are trained, licensed and prepared to carry out a number of tasks meant to safeguard the area and protect guests, such as providing security, entry and exit control, baggage screening, valet service and parking management and more. 

Rest assured knowing your safety is in hand with Vista Security & Investigations. Our team is trained in handling disorderly persons as well as supporting local law enforcement and first responders with communications and administering first aid. Working with Vista means assessing, consulting and designing a security plan that suits your unique needs, all with risk management top of mind.

Key Advantages

  • Provides security services, valet, parking management
  • Provides support and communications for first responders, including first aid
  • Screening and baggage checks
  • Entry and exit access control
  • Makes arrests for drunk and disorderly
  • Smart Serve® Ontario certified

A Security Partner You Can Trust

Need more info? Reach out to us for a complimentary quote! We’d be happy to evaluate your unique situation and recommend solutions that best suit your needs and budget.