Articles: 6 Reasons to Consider Working at a Security Guard Agency

It can be tough to decide what kind of job is right for you, and for those considering a career in security, there are various reasons why many decide to join a security guard agency and take on a security guard job as their life’s work. Whether you’re looking for a career change or are just setting out on your job journey, working at a security solutions provider like Vista Security & Investigations has many great benefits! If you’re still unsure whether a career in protection is your calling, here are six reasons to consider working at a security guard agency.

1. Jobs at a security guard agency are never boring.

Whether working as a guard or a site security team supervisor, you can be sure that no two days are ever the same. That makes coming into work every day at a security guard agency exciting; after all, who knows what challenges will arise or what situations will require your expertise. 

While going to work every day knowing what to expect may be comforting to some, for those seeking the interest of the unexpected, security guard jobs at an agency like Vista that services various industries can be a great fit!

2. You’re always learning something new working at a security guard agency.

Security agencies like Vista are always upskilling and ensuring their security guard staff are up to date on certifications and training. So if you enjoy the prospect of continuing to add to your skill set and learning new techniques to get the job done more effectively, then security guard jobs may just be what you’re looking for!

3. Security guard jobs enjoy high levels of job security.

If you’re working at a security guard agency doing physical protection work and more, then you can take comfort in knowing your job is going to be around for years to come and is actually growing in demand!

With the physical security market demand projected to reach 195.6 billion USD worldwide by 2030, security guard agencies will continue to need to meet the demands of clients, and that means filling more security guard jobs with candidates just like you.

4. Security guard jobs often offer flexible hours.

Security is a 24/7/365 job, which means security guard agencies need continuous people power to constantly keep an eye on things, whether it’s physical sites or digital monitoring or both. For example, a successful security guard agency like Vista serves many clients across Ontario, requiring a solid roster of experienced guards at the ready at all times of the day. 

This means that work shifts will be flexible, with some working during the day and others taking up the night watch. Whatever your reasons, if you prefer one time of day to the other, then security guard jobs are a great option, offering you the flexibility to work outside of the standard 9-5. 

5. Jobs at a security guard agency mix collaborative and independent work.

Some people prefer to work alone, while others enjoy engaging in teamwork and want constant human connection in their careers. While some may fall on either side of the spectrum, others may like a mix of both. If that’s you, you should consider a career at a security guard agency.

Working security guard jobs specifically requires close collaboration between the client and fellow security team members, but it also involves solitary time patrolling the site, which means you get time to work independently while also having opportunities to collaborate with a close-knit team. 

6. Security guard jobs can provide you with moral satisfaction.

Guards working at a security guard agency get to come home from work every day knowing their work is making a difference in the lives of others. Whether it’s protecting people or the things that matter most to them, we all have the right to feel safe, and that’s the feeling security guards provide. 

Knowing that you are giving people a feeling of safety makes doing your job worthwhile, appealing to our innate drive for a sense of purpose and meaning. After all, it’s always nice to wake up every day and have the moral satisfaction of knowing you are helping others and having a positive effect on the people around you!

Interested in working at a top-tier security guard agency like Vista? Then be sure to check out our careers page for security guard jobs and other openings! We value our team members and take pride in cultivating a company culture of respect, inclusion and passion. Feel free to contact us to learn more about what makes Vista great!


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